January 20, 2018

Website Design

Achieve results with a smart website design.

First impressions count, especially online.  A professionally designed website will establish trust and credibility and sell your business for you 24/7.  We'll help you maximize your marketing investment, not with just a pretty design, but with a smart design.  At GreenLife Designs, we realize that successful websites are the result of thorough planning, a user-centered focus, and solid project management.  And, as your partner, we'll guide you through every step of the way.

Every website we design begins with key considerations.

  • Our goals for the project
  • What actions we want visitors to take (buy now, register, sign up, get started, etc.)
  • Research your industry and competitors
  • Focus on clear navigation and ease of use
  • Design consistency with current branding
  • Simple, clean design and structure
  • Quality control with extensive checklists

Our website design & development process:

Over the years, we've perfected our methodology to lead you through everything from identifying goals to website launch. While every project is unique, we will follow these general steps.

  1. Define
    Discuss website goals and requirements.
    Gather and review all content (text, photos, logos, materials).
  2. Structure
    Produce a site map of the website's pages.
    Construct a wireframe of the design or rapid prototype of the layout.
  3. Design
    Create a style tile with fonts, colors and design choices.
    Implement styles into home page design and refine as necessary.
  4. Build & Test
    Code the website into a working product. Perform browser and device testing.
    Optimize for search engines and install analytics, if applicable.
  5. Launch
    Launch to a web server of your choice.
    Send a backup zip file of the website files to the Client
  6. Manage
    Gather feedback, review outcomes.
    Setup maintenance plan and discuss future considerations.

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