February 25, 2018

Les Paul Honored by Google

We love seeing Google put out new doodles and think today's is just fabulous. If you haven't seen it yet, go check it out!

In memory and celebration of Les Paul on his 96th birthday, today's Google doodle is an electric guitar designed in typical Google logo fashion. But what makes this doodle so great is that you can actually play a tune, record it and share it with a friend! It creates a link automatically to your recording, which you can then copy and paste into an email, chat, Facebook update, etc. It's a neat little surprise to come across while working.

In case you're not familiar with Les Paul, he was an American jazz and country guitarist, songwriter and inventor. He was considered a pioneer in the development of the solid body guitar, which we know as the electric guitar, and is credited for The Gibson Les Paul, one of the world's most popular electric guitars.

If that's no help, then have a listen. Who doesn't just love Les Paul and Mary Ford?


On a technical note, this is a great example of the use of web technology. As Google writes, "the doodle was made with a combination of JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas (used in modern browsers to draw the guitar strings), CSS, Flash (for sound) and tools like the Google Font API, goo.gl and App Engine."

In case you miss it (the doodle will only be up for 24 hours), here's a demonstration video.

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